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Blanket, Fleece, Octopus (NUU)

Blanket, Fleece, Octopus (NUU)

60" X 80"

This large and luxurious velour style blanket is crafted from 100% polyester and features a stunning printed Octopus artwork designed. Developed with ultimate comfort in mind, these ultra-soft blankets offer an unparalleled velvety soft touch. Double-layered with a flannel-fleece inner lining and glimmering soft touch Premium Fleece top. Perfect for home, ceremonies, and gifting. Indigenous design by Ernest Swanson, Haida. Same design series as 9999858629 Cap, 9999850330 Water Bottle, 9999850398 Scarf, 9999858678 Porcelain Mug and 9999850030 Travel Mug.

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