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The Distribution Centre Victoria (DCV) provides the BC Government and Broader Public Sector entities with Computer / Laptop Accessories, Forms Management, Protocol and Recognition products and Warehousing and Asset Management Services.


What is the physical address and mailing address for the Distribution Centre Victoria?


742 Vanalman Avenue

Victoria, BC

V8W 9V7

Mailing address is:

Distribution Centre - Victoria


Victoria BC V8W 9V7


What are the hours of operation for Distribution Centre Victoria?


Victoria Office

8:30 am to 4:00 pm

Warehouse 8:00 am to 4:00 pm



Staples Professional


How do I get a Staples Professional Eway account?

A registration form is available Here. Please allow 24 – 48 hours to receive your new account information (including user ID and password).


My account is set up with the wrong address when I first log on, what should I do?

All accounts have been set to a default "ship to" account. When you log in, you will be required to update your current "ship to" location.


When I go to order a specific product, there is a red X indicating "product is restricted by your organization". Does that mean I cannot order it?

Yes, that is correct. The negotiated agreement between the BC Government and Staples Professional allows for only the purchase of office supplies and stationery (for core government only). Other commodities such as furniture and technology are available for purchase through the CSA site.


Is there an escalation process to address any issues or concerns I have?

Yes. In the event of an issue with the good or services provided by Staples Professional, please contact your Staples Professional Customer Care Specialist at 1.877.272.2121. If you are unable to have the issues resolved in this manner, you will be forwarded to your Staples Professional Account Representative for a resolution. If, thereafter, your issue is still not resolved, please contact the Distribution Centre Victoria.


If I have a product on backorder that causes my order to be less than $50.00, will I be charged the "Fifty Green" $9.00 fee?

No. The $9.00 fee only applies to full orders that are under $50.00.


Is there a charge to return products?

There will be no restocking fee if goods are returned within 90 days of receipt and are in re-salable condition.


Can I open an account and have an invoice sent monthly?

No. The negotiated contract for "core government" specifies that all office products ordered must be ordered by way of credit card (purchasing card).


Can I use my personal credit card to order office products for my office?

No. See Core Policy and Procedures Manual – Expense Management 4.3.19.


Where do I order government forms from now?

You can order Forms through the Distribution Centre Victoria.

Looking for Forms Management Services?  See the Goods and Services Catalogue.




DCV Electronic Ordering


How do I order product from the DCV shopping cart?


Orders are either created by or sent to a Expense Authority. Contact DCV Customer Service or call 250-952-4460 for assistance.


What are DCV's Shipping charges?


As of January 1st, 2017, DCV has restructured our shipping/handling fees to our new Environmental Fee that will go towards our green program and promote consolidation of orders, thus reducing our carbon footprint. All orders over $100.00 will be free, orders $50.00-$99.99 will incur a $2.50 environmental fee, and all orders under $50.00 will incur a $5.00 environmental fee.


What is DCV's return policy?


If an product is mistakenly ordered, defective, or sent to you in error, contact DCV Customer Service or call 250-952-4460 for assistance.

The process is easy, efficient, and straight forward. The following items are accepted for full credit or exchange:


  • When they are returned with their packing slips and/or sales order and items are re-sellable.
  • When they are returned, unopened, in their original packaging, within 90 days of purchase, and therefore, are re-sellable.
  • When you have ordered it in error and items are re-sellable.
  • If the product was sent in error.
  • Defective and/or faulty product.

There are rare occurrences when we cannot accept a return:


  • When the product is past an expiration date and thus not re-sellable.
  • When items original packaging has been compromised and thus not re-sellable.


Please contact DCV Customer Service or call 250-952-4460 for assistance with all returns.




Pesticide Kits


What are Pesticide Training Materials? Why do I need them to apply or dispense pesticides?


Referred to as Pesticide Kits, these training materials are mandatory for the application and the dispensing of pesticide products in British Columbia. The Distribution Centre-Victoria represents the Ministry of Environment by storing and selling the study materials on their behalf. There are over 13 separate study kits to choose from. Please contact our customer service staff at 250-952-4460 and we will assist you.


Why is certification required?


Reception at the Ministry of Environment will be able to assist you in any questions you may have regarding certification. Please call 250-356-0475 for further direction.


Once I have purchased my Pesticide Kit from the DCV, where do I write my examination? How much does it cost to write?


All B.C. candidates are required to call 1-866-205-2102 to register with a Service B.C. Government Agent. Please leave your personal information message and an agent will return your call to arrange a location nearest you to write your examination. The exam fee is $90.00, paid prior to the writing of your exam.


Once I successfully complete my exam, how long is my certification good for?


Candidates who obtain a grade of 60% - 74% receive 1 year certification. Candidates who garner a 75% or better receive a 5 year certification. Candidates who score 59% or lower receive no certification but are able to re-write (a re-write fee of $90.00 is required) immediately after receiving their score.


What if my certification is Out-of-Province?


Certification from out-of-province is transferable to B.C. only if the British Columbia exam is written and passed. The total eligible certification is 5 years, regardless of when your certification expires from a different province. Exam fee of $90.00 is required.


What if my study materials were used for a previous examination and I need to renew my certification, are the same study materials applicable?


There is a good chance you are able to use the same study materials. Revisions and, therefore, new editions are generally intermittent. Please call reception at 250-356-0475 of the Ministry of Environment for assistance.




Protocol and Recognition


Who can order Protocol and Recognition items?


Government employees and government entities have access to purchase these items.


For what occasions are Protocol and Recognition items ordered?


For visits by dignitaries, for conferences and special events, for employee or volunteer recognition, and for retirement gifts.


What is Specialty Giftware?


Any giftware item that can be customized is considered specialty giftware. This is achieved by engraving, embossing, or embroidering the chosen specialty giftware item. A number of unique items are available upon request. Please contact Jacqueline Driesen for specialty giftware assistance.


How long for delivery of Protocol and Recognition items?


Delivery is 2-5 business days for protocol giftware. Specialty giftware requires delivery time allowances due to its custom applications. An estimate delivery date will be provided when your order is placed. Contact Jacqueline Driesen for more information.




Expense Authority


What is a Registered Expense Authority


A Registered Expense Authority must approve electronic orders sent to their email address from the initiator of the DCV order. If an expense authority wishes to approve an order, they click on the "Reply" icon, type, "Approved", and then click, "Send". If an expense authority does not wish to authorize an order, they click on the "Delete" icon and as a result, the order will not be received by the DCV.


How do I become a Registered Expense Authority?


You must obtain expense authority approval from the ministry you are employed with. Once expense authority within your ministry is established, contact the DCV to become a Registered Expense Authority. We will advise you of the Senior Financial Officers of your ministry who validate Spending Authority approval for the DCV electronic cart. Please contact Customer Service at 250-952-4460 for assistance.


If my Expense Authority is away, how do I place an order ?


Contact our Customer Service staff at 250-952-4460 or email us at


Do I have to be a Registered Expense Authority to place orders on the online DCV catalogue?


No, registration is not required. To place an order as an expense authority, registration is required. Without registered expense authority approval, orders do not get through for processing. Please contact Customer Service at 250-952-4460 for assistance.