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Game, Multi-Wood Block Set, Indigenous Animals

Game, Multi-Wood Block Set, Indigenous Animals

BLOCK SIZE 3" X 1" X 0.6"

Stacking Tower - Use all 54 coloured wood blocks to build a tower. Simply roll the dice when it is your turn,remove a block matching the colour on the dice, and place it on the top—without making the tower tumble!Block Puzzles - Three 18-piece puzzles. Each puzzle features an Indigenous animal design.Dominos Dominos & Building Blocks - Just use your imagination and have fun! Child-safe non-toxic inks and coating. Made from fast-growing sustainable birch wood. Produced in a BSCI certified workplace. Single block size: 3" x 1" x 0.6", includes one 1" cube dice, one 4.5" L hammer. For ages 4 and up packaged in colour gift box. Indigenous artist Simone Diamond, Coast Salish.

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