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A Candle Holder, Lacey

A Candle Holder, Lacey

4 1/2" TALL

This unique "Lacey" candle holder was designed and created by Glass Artisan Bev Haggett, who lives in Cobble Hill on Vancouver Island. There are four kinds of glass used to create the candle holder; sheet glass, and three kinds of coarse glass "frit" (broken pieces of glass). The glass was manufactured and tested specifically to ensure it would withstand the high temperatures required to "fuse" the glass together in a kiln. Each candle holder was fired twice in the kiln, at temperatures up to 1440 degrees Fahrenheit. The first firing fused the glass together; the second firing shaped the candle holder. The candle holder stands approximately 4 1/2 inches tall, and comes with a tealight.***REGULAR PRICE $48.95 ON CLEARANCE FOR $36.99 ***LIMITED QUANTITY AVAILABLE, PLEASE CHECK QUANTITIES IN STOCK BEFORE ORDERING***FINAL SALE***

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 Made In Canada

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