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MMM, Indian Brass Pendant, Burnt Yellow Silk

MMM, Indian Brass Pendant, Burnt Yellow Silk


Indian Brass Pendant on a burnt yellow 100% 18" silk cord. The pendant was recycled from a Indian brass plate. Mimi has a keen eye for turning up treasures. Not only do these vintage plates, platters and serving trays speak to a different era, they also boast beautiful, intricate patterns which are transformed into stunning pieces of wearable art. Unique one of a kind, each piece will be slightly different than photo. Mixed Metal Mimi from Vancouver Island. Gift boxed..***REGULAR PRICE $89.95 ON SALE FOR $71.99***LIMITED QUANTITY AVAILABLE, PLEASE CHECK QUANTITIES IN STOCK BEFORE ORDERING***FINAL SALE***

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 Made In Canada

Price: $71.99 EA